2019 Best Selling Vapes
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Bohr Families, your best vape partner
Bohr published three products are Chaser, Hunter and Flask.
[Image: 2f757dae-0f1c-4766-b8e7-8ec7e406ef68.jpg]

Chaser is the first mod kit from Bohr. It combines ergonomic design with high performance. Powered by 21700/18650 battery, it can reach up to 127W or 80W max output. Intelligent detect battery function save a lot of trouble of setting up. When you use 21700 battery, the Chaser will work very well and provide optimal vaping experience. Five modes can be switchable, every mode will meet your vaping needs.
[Image: a1818429-02b9-4aee-8ed4-9f6e34ce81cf.jpg]

Hunter is a sleek pod vape kit which comes with colorful and replaceable cover. It means you buy one Hunter get two different colors’ Hunter. As its unique appearance, the LED indicator light looks like Alien’s eyes. Two kinds of cartridge are better for different nicotine e-juice.
[Image: 599c2031-6e6a-4420-a6f9-6d1a5008dddd.jpg]

Flask is a pod system kit which features multiple modes and replaceable coil head. OLED screen acts as fire button and adjustment button. You can adjust parameter precisely and control the real-time output. Two kinds of coils are best for MTL and DL vaping. 1150mAh long lasting battery support long time vaping.
[Image: ac8e70c9-0a33-400d-b4f9-886b47af8c04.jpg]

Whatever which one, bohrvape is your best vape partner and understand you mostly.


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