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Citrus Tang Ice – Smoothy Man E-Juice by vapedensity
[Image: Citrus-Tang-Ice-Smoothy-Man-E-Juice..jpg]
Citrus Tang Ice – Smoothy Man E-Juice. Flavor profile of a cool menthol ice that has been infused with the freshest oranges. The inhale consist of a menthol undertone with a huge burst of orange fruit flavoring that will have your taste buds tingling for days! Upon exhaling is when the menthol really comes to life and ices over the whole experience. The throat hit is smooth and subtle. The menthol exhale really makes this throat hit refreshing and easy to hit. Coughing and throat irritation is not a byproduct from this vape juice.
About Smoothy Man E-Juice
Smoothy Man Ejuice The official e-liquid of summer! Prepare yourself for a fruity explosion of sweet ripe strawberries blended with a rich banana giving you the best classic tasting smoothy that you love. Smoothy Man is your next all day vape!
Size: 60ML
70% VG
Nic Level: 0MG, 3MG, 6MG

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Citrus Tang Ice – Smoothy Man E-Juice by vapedensity2.52