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Easy Lemon Cookie DIY Ejuice Recipe
[Image: lemon-cookie1.jpg]
Hello world!
This recipe is for a lemon cookie ejuice that is super easy to make and extremely tasty considering I've only used 2 flavours that total to 2.8%, so it makes a very cheap and tasty ejuice!
This mix makes 140Ml and is 3Mg nicotine.
You'll need to let it steep about 3 weeks for the full cookie flavour, The lemon and cookie are there on the inhale and exhale. This is version one , I think on version two I'll add a little super sweet and up the cookie to 2.5% for an even better flavour.
Try it for yourself, you can't really go wrong with those 2 flavours!

[Image: lemon-cookie.png]
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