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Espresso Mint From Flavour Art
Hi Guys,
Today I'm going to share with you the Espresso Mint Flavour Profile By Flavour Art, I found this in the back of the cupboard and it has been steeping since 28-12-18 so nearly 3 months!
I mixed this up at 4% as a solo mix, I only made 30Ml of this, a big mistake as it's very tasty, The recipe is below.
On the inhale I'm getting a real "cafe solo" a coffee espresso freshly ground, on the exhale I'm tasting the coffee with a very nice fresh sweet mint, the mint is the same as the after eight mint! Together it makes a perfect coffee vape, I'll be making more of this one later today.
Now for steeping. This should be ok as a shake and vape but I'd recommend leaving it to steep a week or more.

[Image: Espresso-mint.png]
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