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Intelligent Flask Pod Supports Various Mode
As a mod style pod vape kit, Flask has various vape mode for switching. This intelligent function makes Flask become a worthy pod.

Variable wattage mode supports 20w max output. You can choose a suitable wattage for yourself and enjoy comfortable vaping experience. Even you adjust it to maximum output, you will find the cloud is warm but not so hot.

Variable voltage mode supports 4.2V max voltage. You will get different vaping experience and flavor sense from VW mode.

PLAY mode, instead of adjusting watts or volts, you adjust the Amps being delivered. It gives you a more precise adjustment to the power going to the coil. When you fit a new coil the mod autosenses the resistance & sets watts/volts/Amps for you. Play can give you a warmer vape without burning but you'll need to adjust Amps down then tweak till it's how you want it.
Want to try all of them? You can buy it from here: https://www.myvaporstore.com/Bohr-Flask-Kit-p/boh-fla10.htm


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