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Joyetech AIO
The Joyetech AIO was my first electronic cigarette i bought and i'm still using it now, its handy for going out and when you're driving or on the move! for beginners i'd recommend this to anyone who want's to take that first leap to stop smoking.
You get loads of vapour and a good throat hit, its easy to fill up and use! there are loads of YouTube channels showing you how to use this Joyetech AIO, and soon i'll be creating a youTube channel giving demonstrations and reviews on this little device that stopped me from smoking!

Be warned!   When i took my first inhale i went a bit too far, i was using 18mg nicotine E-juice and it kicked like a mule!!  take it steady at first, small and shallow puffs. This device is meant to be used as a mouth to lung device like you would with a cigarette.
[Image: joyetech-ego-aio-groupshot.jpg]

Happy Vaping
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(07-10-2017, 04:51 PM)Great bit of kit and good value - for those who are making the switch from the cigs to an E Cig may we suggest a nic salt liquid, faster delivery of nicotine to the body so smooth even at 20mg you cant taste the nicotine and the best bit of all - NO nasty throat hit. Wrote: Smile
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