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My eliquid recipe... Share yours...
I want to share my chocolate flavoured e juice recipe(30 mil batch):
~50/50 blend of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin
~Up to 0.1 ml each of chocolate and menthol flavoring
~Up to 3 ml of peppermint flavoring
~I also use Low(8 mg) nicotine.
Be careful while mixing the ingredients. Always remember to wear your safety goggles, safety apron and rubber gloves. Try to use the eyedropper to get the exact amount of the ingredients while transferring to your empty DIY bottle.  Always try to get the measurement of ingredients right and give a nice shake. There you are good to go.
I would love to know your DIY recipes too.
(I get my PG and VG from-   )


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My eliquid recipe... Share yours...2.8211