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New Release: Innokin Plexar 100W Starter Kit with Plex3D coil|Most Powerful Vape Kits
New Release: Innokin Plexar 100W Starter Kit with Plex3D coil|Most Powerful Vape Kits
Innokin Plexar 100W Starter Kit
[Image: goods_innokin_plexar_100w_pen_starter_ki...e3eorf.png]
The Innokin Plexar Kit is a pen style vape device which is powered by single 18650 or 20700 battery with 100W max output. It adopts an innovative Plex3D Mesh Coil which is made with Eco-friendly Wood-pulp to enhance the flavor and bring maximum flavor and clouds. The included Plexus Tank features easy top filling and adjustable airflow system. It comes with 4ml e-juice capacity. The Tri-Color LED indicator shows the remaining battery level clearly. A full range of safety protections are applied for safe and stable vaping. 4 colors are available.

Portable Pen Style Vaporizer Kit with Powerful 100W Maximum Output
Compatible with 20700 and 18650 Replaceable Battery
Ultra-fast Firing Speed with an Easy-operated Fire Button
Brand-new Plexus Tank with Easy Top Fill (4ml and TPD 2ml)
Innovative Plex3D Next Generation Mesh Coil Technology
Eco-friendly Wood-Pulp wicking
Tri-Color Battery Capacity LED
Micro-USB 1.5A Charge & Safety Protections

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Innokin DV Pod System Kit
[Image: goods_innokin_dv_pod_system_starter_kit_...e30mlq.jpg]
Innokin DV Pod Vape Kit is an ultra-light and compact pod kit that utilizes Plex3D mesh coil to satisfy excellent vaping demands. The Plex3D mesh coil produce optimal flavor of nicotine from your favorite nic-salts. The pod can hold 2.8ml e-liquid. DV kit also features 4 adjustable wattage to meet your different vaping experience. 500mAh internal battery also can be charged via Micro USB cable. It also comes with tri-color indicator for displaying the remaining power.

1. Stealthy and sleek design, comfortable to hold
2. Built-in 500mAh battery for daily vaping
3. 2.8ml refillable cartridge capacity
4. Tri-color battery capacity indicator displays the remaining power
5. 4 easy-to-adjust wattage levels (12/13/14/15)
6. Innovative PLEX3D 3D mesh coils for great flavors and nicotine satisfaction
7. Auto-draw or button activated
8. 3 colors: Black, SS, White

Click to Buy Innokin DV Pod System Kit in $20.9

Innokin iSub-B Sub Ohm Tank
[Image: goods_innokin_isub_b_sub_ohm_tank_atomiz...e0h4c1.jpg]
Innokin iSub-B tank is powered by advanced Plex3D Coils with 3D mesh which use less power to deliver bigger flavors and clouds. Plex3D Coils design with 'Micro-Grooves' that increase the surface area and produce amazing flavors, it features faster heating and cooling than traditional coils, extending coil life and the organic cotton and wood pulp wicking improves e-liquid coil flow and boosts flavors. The iSub-B tank is crafted with high-quality stainless steel and rainbow tinted Pyrex Glass, it twists to open and features automatic flood prevention when filling. 4 colors are available.

Twist to open Top-Cap.
‘Four Point’ Adjustable Airflow.
High Quality Stainless Steel and Rainbow tinted Pyrex Glass.
Automatic fill-shield Prevents Flooding When Filling.
510 Replaceable Mouthpiece.
Durable 510 Connection.
Available in Stainless Steel, Blue, Black, Gunmetal.
Compatible with All Innokin iSub Coils.
iSub – Plex3D Coils
Next Generation 3D Mesh Coil Technology
Plex3D Pattern with ‘Micro-Grooves’ Boosts Flavors.
Ultra-Rapid Heat-up and Cool-down Extends Coil Life.
High Efficiency Coil Power Flow.
Organic Cotton and Wood-Pulp Wicking.
30 – 55 Wattage Range (0.35Ω)
Plex3D Coil is Compatible with Innokin iSub Tanks.

Check out Innokin iSub-B Sub Ohm Tank in  $15.8
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New Release: Innokin Plexar 100W Starter Kit with Plex3D coil|Most Powerful Vape Kits3.754