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The Vaptio iMate a different style of vaping
IMate is an all-in-one heat-not-burn tobacco system by Six Hill. Light and stealthy in pocket, it gives you superior tobacco pleasure anytime, anywhere. For simple and relaxing lifestyle, iMate offers you an easier way to plug in and enjoy a tobacco stick . Its solid ceramic needle heats tobacco evenly to arouse the tastiest flavor. For a single charge, iMate can heat 18-20 sticks, and can even stand by all year long, greatly freeing you from frequent charging.

[Image: iMate-_01.jpg]

Sleek design, pocket gear
Curved slide cap inserted to the battery, elegant and integrated as a whole.
Durable needle heater
All-day using, all-year standby.

[Image: iMate-_08.jpg]

Packing List
1*USB Cable
1*Cleaning Brush
1*User Manual

For more information please CLICK HERE


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