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To become a sponsor of
If you would like your own Sub-forum and promote your shop and Vape related items then you need to read this!

There are RULES and will be updated:
You cannot contact other forum members via email or private message unless they have first contacted you!

New threads are posted automatically to my main Twitter account here then automatically retweeted to my other 4 twitter accounts:
These are Twitters new rules and it may very well change in the future!
Your new threads are also posted to and linkedin .
Soon the site format will be changing and only sponsors will be able to use this feature due to space

The Fees.
Payments are made to via PayPal and the fee is £5 (GBP) per month payable every 6 months in advance £30 (GBP),  If you wish to pay monthly then you'll need to make a subscription with Paypal for £6.80 (GBP) a month.
Setup takes about an hour after payment has been received or within 1 day depending on what we're doing!
You will become the only moderator of your forum, and can post new threads.

It's down to YOU to make sure you keep up the payments, I will suspend sub-forums that have not paid on time (Meaning you will not be able to post on your sub-forum) and after a week i will delete your sub-forum.
Once your sub-forum is deleted you will not be able to retrieve it.

Banner advertising:
Banner advertising has never been part of the deal, I have always said that it is of my own discretion and they will be affiliate links. Well i have  decided to only do cash banner advertising as there seems to be a lot of cheating going on with affiliate links. So if you require a banner then send me  an email and we'll talk.

Happy Vaping ????
Jump on board the Vaping Train

TubeCoin Address:  AVAcRRvWyQeecpfPGiRuVfWsakA4S1zNvH


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