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When to Change One New Vape Coil?
As we all know, vape coil heads can be made of Kanthal, stainless steel, ceramics, nickel, and various other conductors. But everything has its own life length, also same with the vape coils. Now let’s talk about when to replace one new vape coils.

[Image: p2gfmBB.jpg]

Now I find some reasons to decide the coil longevity below:
1. When you experience the burn taste, less vapor production, or leakage issues with your atomizer, it’s the time to change your coil heads.
2. When your coil and wicking material looks dark, crusted, or flat-out ugly, the coils also need to be replaced.
3. The frequency you vape also influence the coil life.
4. Sweeter flavors can shorten the coils life faster than a basic fruit.

So can you find any reason about the longevity of your vape coils? Welcome to leave your comment below.

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