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Win Freemax Vape Pen Kits as Your Christmas Gift
Hello, guys! Have you already joined in Freemax Christmas Vape Competitions?There will be 24 competitions each day from 1th, Dec to 24th, Dec. A total of 49 winners will get the Christmas vape gifts.

[Image: hCZLfWA.jpg]

You will get 3 different kits from Freemax vape brand, Acrohm brand and Lost vape brand as a vape gift:
FreeMax: Twister 80W Kit or GEMM 80W Kit
Acrohm: Fush or Fush Nano
LostVape: Orion Q-Pro or Lyra

If you want to know how To Participate The Cloud Advent Calendar, so please click here: https://www.freemaxvape.com/christmas-competition.
[font=宋体]Freemax China Vape Manufacturer - One of Best Vape Manufacturer and Suppliers.[/font]


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Win Freemax Vape Pen Kits as Your Christmas Gift21