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Full Version: CICADA Kit is coming soon
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Quote:CICADA Vape Kit is released, more details please check:

Product description:

CICADA kit is a stylish TC vape device that features removable batteries. Auto-draw mechanism and manual button, very simple to operate, lightweight and slim. In a word, you'll find satisfaction in this Famovape CICADA Vape Kit!

[Image: CICADA-5.jpg?v=1571714232]

Main features of CICADA Kit:
1. Real temperature control pod, great taste & prevent dry hits
2. Removable battery with 400mAh capacity
3. Auto draw & manual button
4. 3 temperature levels for options
5. Easy to fill juice
6. Unique & stylish design

[Image: e2a7ac1a978207a398560838e15aca62.gif?v=1571713469]

Stay tuned with famovape, get the first batch of CICADA Kit~~ ^ ^

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