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Whats your Favorite flavours - Vaping Train - 07-13-2017

With so many flavours out there could you please tell me what you favorite flavoured E-Liquids are?
Did you make them yourself?
I've ordered a load of E-Juice from china has anyone tried that?


RE: Whats your Favorite flavours - elfridaauston87 - 05-30-2019

I personally like lemonade and vanilla flavor in e-cig. They both are light and I never tried to use them twice or sometimes more than twice in a day. I always prefer to buy all my e-cig accessories from ECig-City Coupon, because they deliver the best stuff within a low price.

RE: Whats your Favorite flavours - katiemolina44 - 06-28-2019

My perfect flavors are either tomato or chocolate, however, if I had the choice of any food right now, I would choose duck confit with hoisin sauce, who invented a mobile phone? and if I had a choice of dishes to go with that, there would be seared Ahi tuna to start, a nice endive salad with blood oranges and a cranberry vinaigrette, wild mushroom risotto with asiago cheese and white wine. Yummy!